emerson | one years old

PINOh sweet Emersen…you are such a doll!

And I sure hope you will forgive me for a little incident that happened on this shoot.  And I’m so glad that your Momma is related to me, so you can’t be mad forever.  Of course, turns out that you like to climb up on things and get into things and a black eye seems to be a common occurrence even though you are only 1 years old! 😉  That made me feel a little bit better.

So…we had you propped up on this little crate/box and you were balanced great and secure and happy and all was well…UNTIL out of no where, a wasp flew in your face and scared you and knocked off your balance and you tumbled forward off of the box onto the ground (don’t judge me!).  I can still see it in slow motion and even though there were three of us all around you and were spotting you, we couldn’t catch you in time.  So sad!   Your cute little face got all scraped up from the ground below.  Thankfully after some loves with your Mom, Grandma and Aunt, you were quickly happy again and we were able to take some more pictures, but your face was so scraped up and the evidence of what had happened wasn’t going away for a couple of days.  And this, my friends, is why I love photoshop.  Check out the before and after shots:


I’m so glad nothing major happened and I’m super glad we at least got some darling shots of her out of it.  PIN