Halloween at my house


I don’t usually post about my personal life here but I thought that maybe I should start!

One thing you should know about me is that Fall is my favorite season.  As a photographer, Christmas always seems to be so stressful (although I love it of course), but fall…well, fall is just fun.  In Arizona, it’s such a relief from the hot summer months and the cool mornings and evenings are almost magical.  Parks and streets fill up again with people and kids and neighbors who aren’t afraid of the blistering pavement anymore.  It means pumpkin patches and fall leaves and neighborhood parties and trick or treating.  It’s such an awesome time of year.

Years ago, I was even more of a holiday fanatic than I am now.  Our house was decked out like no one’s business (including a halloween tree) and my kids loved it (unless they just indulged me! haha).  Nowdays, I am lucky to get anything done — but I do love decorating.  And I love decorating the holidays to match my current home decor (which changes a lot too).  And we are a little crazy about our posable skeletons.  We have three.  Just search my hashtag #skeletononashelf on instagram.

Here’s a little preview of Halloween around my house…



Scored a great deal on a new table in the family room so took a couple of updated shots.  😉