Witches and skeletons are gone, but it’s still fall at my house

Oh my heck, two personal posts in a month!  I hope you don’t mind.

I am a put-away-the-holiday-the-day-right-after kinda gal.  So by noon on 11/1, Halloween was all boxed up.  I wish I was that on the ball in every other aspect of my life! ha!


For fall, I didn’t really put out any orange tones this year.  Not that I don’t like orange, because I have a bold vintage orange couch in my living room, I just wanted things more modern and a little different.  I kept out the pumpkins and table decor and added some pomegranates for some color.  I do love pops of color, about as much as my kids love pomegranates.  I hope I can keep them from eating them right off the table.  We use the branches for our thankful tree.  It’s fun to see what gets added to the list.  It’s already 3x more filled then when I took these pictures.  That makes me happy!
2016-11-07_0018PIN2016-11-07_0021PIN2016-11-07_0020PIN2016-11-07_0023PINI have a jar of tags and pens on the table so the kids can add things to the tree.  George Strait made his appearance.  It was well deserved, we are sure grateful for him. 😉  Normal people would write things like “good health” and “family” and all of that seriously meaningful stuff (that we of course are grateful for as well), but our family is not normal.  haha.  Along with “George Strait”, we have “chick-fil-a sauce”, “boys”, “fishing”, “saturdays to sleep in”, etc.  Real life right here.2016-11-07_0022PIN2016-11-07_0019PIN2016-11-07_0024PIN2016-11-07_0025PINOh, yeah…and this is my dog.  No fall decor here, just thought you’d like to meet my office partner.