Trey + Madi | Engaged


Honestly some of my favorite sessions to shoot are the ones where we have an idea of our general location and style but we are spontaneous and get in the car and stop every time I see something that looks fun.  This was our adventure and all of the fun looks we got by doing that.  Thanks for going with the flow Trey and Madi!

In all the years I have been photographing outdoor sessions, I’ve never come across a rattlesnake in the wild.  I’ve seen them other places (and heck, my son had a pet snake for like 6 years!), but today was the first time for everything.  As I was backing up to take one of our shots, I heard the low bush next to me start to move like crazy.  It was loud, like a sprinkler coming on strong.  The snake was just as scared as we were and luckily, I didn’t step on it or too close to it.  We stopped and checked it our for a bit, freaked out a little, and then moved on to another spot.  My husband is always warning me to watch my step and I’m gonna be a little more aware from now on that’s for sure.

I’m so excited to photograph Trey and Madi’s wedding this September!  They are darling together as you can see.

Makeup by @erinpacemakeup, her dress by @freepeople, Trey’s clothes by Asos.