Sam and Miranda

I have photographed a lot of weddings and what I have learned is that all of them are beautiful and all of them are unique to each couple and family.  Sometimes you are photographing the event for one hour and sometimes you’re there for eight.  I love every hour!  I have offered a la carte bride and groom sessions, just ceremony and formal photo coverage and just temple exits (which in the LDS culture is after they come out of the temple and greet their family and friends and then take their formal family and bridal party shots on the grounds) because sometimes that it all the coverage that is needed if there isn’t a big party afterwards.

This couple came from Alaska to get married in the Gilbert LDS temple.  They were from here originally so wanted to come back where so many of their close family and friends were.  We photographed a few pictures for them on the grounds after their ceremony.  I wish I would have had five hours to photograph this beautiful couple and this gorgeous, gorgeous dress!